Review Notes

Long standing fans of The Lolocaust will remember a feature created by our former komrade Chicken, The One Hour Playtest. This was a simple solution to the age old problem of how to review something in the hostile post-interweb world.

Put simply it is impossible to state the quality of a game without an influx of diverse opinion and flaming comments from fucking fanboys. The One Hour Playtest simply game an impression of the game – with the addition of a redux opinion if needed – instead of a solid review. This worked well, but we have moved on since then and we are modifying it to take in two other important factors.

1) Hype – Hype can make or break a game for people, so we will be looking at how stoked/underwhelmed we were prior to release. This comes from developer reputation and back catalogue as well as marketing strategies.

2) The Playtest – Mostly a One Hour Playtest, an instant opinion.

3) The Retrospective Opinion – How did that opinion last over a little time? Some games seem better after play that during, and this should sort it out.

Each area will get a rating so you can see what our thoughts are.



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