Sun, Ladybirds and Bargain Spotting

ARGH!!! FUCKING LADYBIRDSSo as you may have seen on the news the coast near the new Lolocaust base of operations – not revealing the location yet for fear of more pro-Sterling violence – has been attacked by swarms of fucking Ladybirds. LADYBIRDS! What? How? Last I heard they were facing extinction… well they will be soon, attacking British people at the seaside didn’t work for the Nazis (although it worked well for the Normans and the Vikings). As a result of this I decided not to go crabbin’ again at Cromer – despite MASSIVE success at catching crippled crabs the other week – we popped over to our local Gamestation and found a new sale, picking up a couple of bargains.

As with any good sale we got there as prices were being changed so I spent a good hour stalking employees, lurking around the corner or the DS display like a paedo at a play park. First off I grabbed a copy of Supreme Commander on the 360 for £2.98 as well as Siren Blood Curse + Cabella’s Alaskan Adventure for £20. Further into the shop I found HD-DVD’s reduced to 48 pence each! SO I grabbed one of everything they had – purely to get some kudos points from people I know who have HD-DVD drives but hardly any movies… I did get Unforgiven though, which I didn’t have before. Anything less than fifty pence is always worth buying, even if it’s Anthea Turner’s worn plimsolls – actually, ESPECIALLY if they are Anthea Turner’s worn plimsolls, I love that home making bit of skirt.

Further round PSP games were being reduced to around £2.98, so grabbed Metal Gear Acid, Killzone Liberation, Ultimate Ghosts and Goblins and more, thus making the stack in my arm look quite formidable. Why is it that game shops don’t offer a trolley? DEciding to head for the counter I was lured into the gaming figure collection area, and picked up a couple of the Guitar Hero figures, a Stealth suit Snake from MGS2 and one of those Lunch tin accessory sets with cel-Link on.

Suffice to say the unwashed goit behind the counted was stunned at the sheer amount of work he was now expected to undertake finding all of the disks out of the drawers, but I was unrelenting, chucking extras on while he strove for a clear counter. £75 lighter I was the owner of a bulging sack, and a massive bag of gaming stuff an’all.

Awesome little sale, pop on down there… just take some Vicks Vapour rub with you so you can do what they do when they do autopsies, and thus avoid smelling the actual shop…


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