Wet? Definitely

Earlier this week the demo of Bethesda’s Wet went live on the PS3 store and the 360 Marketplace.

Have to say I was slightly disappointed.


Firstly I was let down by the obvious ripp off of the whole ‘House of the Dead: Overkill’ vibe in the trailer… sure it may be influenced a little by the whole exploitation thing, but honestly its a bad fit, a fit that shows up clearer when you play the demo.

The demo shows the game up to be full of flair and nice touches, but much like Stranglehold the bits inbetween those pieces feel clunky.

Slide – the wrong way

Jump – trying to aim while a rubbish aiming system tries to foil you

Slide – accidentally this time, wasting time



In fact the earlier comparison to Stranglehold is very accurate. If you loved that game through and through then there is plenty to love here, but awkward controls that go against natural flow and combat that is as fluid as a house brick don’t make for a great title.

Visually Wet doesn’t impress until you hit the stylised carnage of the rage mode, that looks stunning, but it is a little too little too late.

Sadly I have to say I shall no longer be picking the game up on release, and instead will wait for a bargain bin/pre-owned copy.


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