Watch out for the Watchmen

wmenI make no bones about this, I adore Alan Moore’s Watchmen and have a fair bit of love for the recent movie adaptation if I am honest. Taking that into account imagine the strength of my shaft when I heard of Watchmen content for LBP!! Also imagine Alan Moore’s head right now… as he pounds it on his desk, sobbing… poor bastard.

The content goes live on Thursday and will probably cost the same as the usual premium content.. proving that you can put a price on genius.


It’s enough to make me post up this awesome video made to look like a Watchmen cartoon from the 80’s.


3 thoughts on “Watch out for the Watchmen

  1. LBP is such a con. I mean really, they could have done so much more… but instead they happily pump out shite which people seem happy to pay for? I thought the game was about creating your own content? So why can’t you make your own textures, models, sprites, etc etc. It’s just bullshit. In fact, I’m pretty offended by it and everything it stands for.

  2. Yar, you say that, but I have seen incredible things done with the game. Simply breathtaking things.

    Ultimately I see these packs as a way of offering the game to a wider audience – something that was instantly hampered by the decision to put it out on the PS3 – by giving items to theme a level with. But they don’t represent anything specific. You still have to have that spark of genius to benefit from it all specifically.

    To me I love these packs, and I will be investing in the Watchmen pack to make my own levels. But at the same time I am still prefecting my Pink Floyd level, which has seen now official theme pack support, but my creative drive is pushing it forward.

    It could have been more technical than it is already, but then it would be nothing more than game design software, which already exists in better form. Essentially this is middle ground and I welcome it…

  3. It’s not really middle ground is it? You’re still paying for content you should be able to make yourself very easily if you so wish to. It’s an out right con.

    I don’t deny somethings have been made which are pretty clever, but they could have been so much better if it was opened up further which they could have easily done. The idea of paying for something, and then continually paying more for is just ridiculous. Opening it up so you can do some skinning or manipulation of the code is not game development software in the slightest, they could have easily made some rudimentary tools to allow tweaks to the mechanics and borrowing Unreal’s label for it “Mutators”. You could have made your own watchman content, or subsequently bought it if you were lazy.

    The concept of buying content just so you can re-arrange it is silly and a waste of money to me. They should have allowed you to link up to a PC and import creations from. Then I’d treat it with the respect it’d deserve. As it stands to me it looks like one of the biggest cons going. A good idea, but it’s definitely not living up to it’s full potential!

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