Deep Breath… Catch Up Post!

Right, I apologise for the lack of updates, I’ve spent too much time procrastinating, gaming and stressing over life. Let’s get back on track before Xmas with a bumper – albeit hasty – overview of all opinions on the last few months.

Modern Warfare 2 came out – in case you didn’t notice – and changed the way I look at judging games, made me feel uncomfortable with the No Russian level and annoyed me with the ending. That being said, it is still awesome, but won’t be in my top five games of the year! SHOCK!

Left 4 Dead 2 arrived with the clang and honk of a frying pan smacking a zombie clown on the shnozz and then disappeared quickly in the shadow of MW2, which is a travesty, but it will balance out. I personally loved the ramped up excitement and additions and hold no faith in the arguements of those complaining of a rushed sequel. It doesn’t feel rushed at all, and is fresher than any Fifa update ever.

The PSP Go came out, and no one I know has even seen on in the wild. A bad idea, badly priced and badly supported… Sony’s Virtual Boy? Gamecube? NeoGeo?

I finally breached 80,000 Gamerpoints and have now been bitten by the 100k bug, which has resulted in me playing my older games, squeezing new points and playing games that I forgot I loved. Such is the way of the world of gaming today. Christmas will be filled with gaming, point whoring and cake.

Games I have loved!

Borderlands, Assassins Creed II, The Saboteur, Saw, Ballad of Gay Tony and NFS: Shift.

Games I loathed!

Avatar, Planet 51, Forza III (after a week with it I had no motivation to play), GI Joe and Lego Indiana Jones 2.

Lego Indy 2 may be surprising to see in a loathe list, but to be honest it offered a very samey experience, and followed the weakest of all the Lego word titles… hell it wasn’t even better than Bionicle Heroes! But the newer title offered more, promised much, and felt like a five year old game. I will go back to it and play with the construction mode – possibly the closed thing to Lego LittleBigPlanet you’ll get.

Work’s been great, a couple of launch nights with VIP stuff for our gamers went down great and the company really has it’s eye on the ball with game pricing. Benefitting from the lack of competition between Game and Gamestation now we are generally the cheapest 95% of the time! And I get discount on that too! 😀

Happy Fucking Days!

Other than that I was sad to see Pandemic disappear, but The Saboteur is a great ‘final fling’ and with a little more polish would have been truly GREAT, but as it is it is pretty fecking awesome!

The Nazi Fight ended quickly as the combatants assembled in a purpose built arena that was nuked by Japan – who were heard to be shouting about Whales and Dolphins…

1 vs 100 us still great.

I really have no more time… any other questions drop them in the box below… if not I shall see you on Wednesday for an update.



One thought on “Deep Breath… Catch Up Post!

  1. I have agree with you when it comes to boarderlands but I do need a few people to play it on co-op with.
    I’m also more into this season of 1vs100 as I finally got 37/37 on one of the rounds

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