Xbox 360 Xmas Deals (Updated)

I got a list of titles and prices that was pitched as the release schedule for the Advent Calendar of offers that is currently running day to day on XBL, but was wary of posting it up too early, but now half has been confirmed I shall let you know what else is on offer and when.

Naturally this isn’t 100% guaranteed to be accurate, but everything else on the list was spot on.

  • Boxing Day – Magic:The Gathering 400 points – This one didn’t happen, but apparantly there are regional variances… fingers crossed for the rest of them…
  • Dec 27th – Fallout 3 DLC 400 points
  • Dec 28th – Guitar Hero 5 Track Pack (possibly Rolling Stones Live) 320 points
  • Dec 29th – Braid 560 points
  • Dec 30th – Castle Crashers 560 points
  • Dec 31th – Battlefield 1943 for and amazing 400 points!!! ESSENTIAL IF TRUE

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