Podcast of the Month: The GamesCast

Each month we will be trying to highlight the cream of the podcast crop, while avoiding stating the obvious. What we will be suggesting are ‘casts that do not feature in the Top Ten on iTunes, they are not created in association with a celebrity/tv programme. Instead we will be focusing on grass roots ‘casts which transcend obvious hurdles and still come across as excellent. The first we will be featuring is the new GamesCast.

With only on episode out so far The GamesCast has managed to be interesting without having a ‘getting to know you’ phase, part of this would probably be explained by the collective efforts the three main members have made in the community over the years – Lolocaust involvement included – and by the fact that these three have enough experience to genuinely have an opinion based upon more than what was written in Nuts magazine last week.

The show – which may change over time obviously – follows a structure and feels fairly well organised, without seeming scripted. Casual banter and educated opinion, mixed with random facts and smart audio flairs make for a great podcast and The GamesCast has all of this and more. There are options to get involved with the ‘cast and messages can be played during shows if you call the advertised phone number, or which our very own Scarred Star does in the first show.

We simply cannot recommend this enough, but a word of warning, as with most gaming media it is time specific, so go grab December’s show now and subscribe.

To find out how, and for more information visit The GamesCast’s Homepage.


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