Big Bang Theory – The Grot Spoof Review

There are three guilty pleasures here in the Lolocaust office. The first being the movies of Hulk Hogan – from Suburban Commando toThree Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain we can’t get enough of the Hulkster straining his acting muscles. Hell we’d even spend a whole afternoon watching nothing but Thunder in Paradise in our underpants. The second guilty pleasure that we must confess to is tray packs of cakes/cookies. Something about buying two dozen at once feels so cosmopolitan. Lastly we frickin love a grot movie spoof. Be it Shaving Ryan’s PrivatesEdward Penishands or the always great Clitty Clitty Gang Bang… but nothing prepared us for the all out hilarity and fun to be had from a spoof of nerd-friendly sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Hit the jump for a potentially NSFW look… we won’t use filthy language though… no matter how depraved the action is that we are describing…

Opening with a semi-similar title sequence we find cult heroes Sheldon and Leonard sitting on the sofa and Leonard daydreams a fantasy boink with Penny dressed as a Slutty Leia (New hope white dress Leia)

Much ‘cachiggering’ takes place before we jump back to the plot where our two favourite nerds discuss Comic Con and their lack of tickets. Leonard explains that he has an as-yet unreleased version of Adobe Photoshop and that it will allow for near perfect passes to be created. To test their realism they decide to head somewhere where the great minds congregate, the Comic Book Store. When they leave the apartment they meet with Penny who asks for the boys to fetch her groceries and after picking them up it seems that Leonard has missed his chance to get some grade-A Penny as two of her equally easy girlfriends visit and an all-girl three way now occurs, which is not missed by the boys thanks to Howard placing a hidden camera in Penny’s bedroom after fixing her laptop for her.

Much hilarity ensues as Leonard struggles with the notion of ruining the friendship by watching the rather filthy activities. They all end up watching the action either way proving somewhat that intellect can negate moral coding.

After the scene is done with the boys realise that their collective genius must be able to solve the greatest problem of all time, how to bed women. They brainstorm while vague scientific clip art flies across the screen before finding the solution – Tell girls what they want to hear = Get Laid.

We now cut to see Raj and Sheldon in the University lunchroom bemoaning the fact that Leslie Winkle has the computer time dedicated to her ‘inferior’ research, Raj postulates that maybe the problem they solved could be worked for the benefit of getting time on the computer so Sheldon uncomfortably compliments Leslie, who responds in a very friendly manner, doing the ‘nasty’ with both Sheldon and Raj on the lunch table. When they have finished ‘kerthwacking’ her and ‘splooging’ on her ‘gerdung-a-dungs’ Sheldon is rewarded with time on the computer. The theory worked! Now their trip to Comic-con would not be a fruitless embarressment.

Soon enough Howard is rodgering a colleague and Leonard asks Penny to come along to Comic-Con, but offends her by responding to her comment of ‘I don’t have to dress up, I could go as myself’ with the rather disrespectful ‘Why would you want to go to Comic-Con as a college drop-out?’ Needless to say the boys go to the geek-show alone – dressed amusingly as Super Mario, Gandalf the White, Spock and a Ninja Hugh Hefner.

On their return from day one of the show they find Penny is Leia’s Slave Girl outfit and reconcile their friendship. It seemed appropriate at this point to feature Super Mario and Leia in a scene that sadly could not have bettered the lead up, panning across a bedroom floor with various parts of a Mario costume scattered about, ending with a moustache. Genius. Anyways Leonard finally gets the girl and ensures that he gives her his 1-Up Mushroom.

Overall the Big Bang Theory XXX Parody is little more than a normal episode (acted out with all the ability of a dozen Emilio Estevezes) with a lack-lustre laughter track and a smattering of roughly themed scenes of the third kind, you know, the ‘close’ encounters 😉

Apologies for the joke and smiley in that last little bit… I promise it won’t be happening again soon.

Indeed it seems that the New Sensations company have my month’s guilty pleasure viewing sorted with a back catalogue of Scrubs, Twilight, Dexter, Seinfeld and That 70’s Show already parodied but with the holy grail of remakes coming soon… The Big Lebowski


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