Terrorist Update! We’ve Found Him!

You may remember a while back we posted a story about GAME using a terrorist cell to review it’s products. If not, hit the jump to read it again, and to see what happens when someone who drinks far too much Blue Rat, reads the aforementioned post and decides to go on a MI6 style manhunt (via Google I bet).

So yeah originally we posted this:

I knew it! GAME are harboring terrorists, allowing them access to the internet once a day to trigger an IED and review a game on their shoppy shoppy shop shop website.

Akeem Juliard thobourne

its the best killing game i ever seen the storyline is amazing the weapons are wiked the best game i hope theres a thrid game coming and real soon

Although we at The Lolocaust despise Racial Profiling I reckon this evidence proves links between Al Qaeda and GAME! Note the broken English, the clearly false name and the fact that the ‘game’ is referred to as a ‘killing game’! ZOMG! JACK THOMPSON WAS RIGHT!!!

Lolocaust reader ‘Ben’ – name changed for security purposes, ie he does’t want to wake up dead tomorrow after someone crashes a Ford Fiesta filled with petrol into his bedsit – decided that this was outrageous, but being under thirty he didn’t write a letter to the Daily Mail, but instead cracked open some highly caffeinated beverages and set out to hunt down this terrorist scum bag before he used the skills he learned from Assassin’s Creed II to attack vulnerable people at the polling stations come Election Day ’10.

Now obviously we never asked people to go on a spite-ridden quest for truth, but ‘Ben’ felt the need to seek the truth, and in tribute to his stellar bravery(?) we have decided to show you the face of the enemy. Behold!

Chilling isn’t it… those cold, dead eyes…


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