Why You Should Love The Independint Charles Show

Today Microsoft UK took a brave step into a new world with the release of The Independint Charles Show on Inside Xbox. Why care?

Well this is the show that not only highlights the criminally under-rated Xbox Indie games but also because it is put together by the legendary Robert Florence, who seasoned gamers will recognise from VideoGaiden and Consolevania… the shows that carried the torch post Gamesmaster and pre-current gen. Hell he was even on Screenwipe’s gaming show and the Gameswipe follow-up. What is astonishing is that his show is how his shows are, and for that to be on the Xbox at all is a triumph of correct decision making and surreal production methods. I could go on for hours, but essentially you must just go watch it now, and remember this is actually on the console… you know, like authorised by the awesome folks at Microsoft.

Brave moves deserve recognition. Let’s hope that The Independint Charles Show lives for a long time, or at least long enough to feature a dubious massage title. Yes the show is irreverent and obscure, but that’s the point.


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