The Best Thing I’ve Read All Week

We at The Lolocaust are never afraid to give credit where credit is due, and this week we are having no issues whatsoever in congratulating the dudes at This Is My Joystick for continual awesomeness, specifically with something that went up very recently.

What was it? Hit the jump to find out!

As we were saying the content and quality of TiMJ is rapidly making the site one that is right up on my most visited list alongside UK:R, Kotaku and The Readers Wives and Pets Blog. This week an article went up dealing with ‘Gaming Confessions’ – nothing exceptionally unique there I hear you cry, and no to a degree there isn’t (although it has great potential for community involvement) but ending the article was a ‘hymm’ for gaming:

Our Gaming God who has no heaven,

Hallowed be thy joystick,

Thy kingdom PWND,

Games to be won,

On earth as it is in virtual reality,

Give us this day our achievement scores,

Forgive those who whore against us,

As we forgive them for cheap achievements,

Lead us not towards World of Warcraft,

But deliver us Borderlands,

For thine is the Boxset,

The limited edition,

For £49.99 £29.99 [Neil’s Deals]


Just brilliant. The ‘LULZ’ that emitted from this grizzled old gamer’s face could be comparable to the time I saw a friend fall off of a bouncy castle into a fish pond or the time that I accidentally farted on an old person’s dog.

Lol indeed.

Either way, congrats to TiMJ and all who sail in her, keep up the exceptional work… you truly save me from the drudgery of the daily grind.


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