Here it Goes… Here it Goes Again…

Old time readers of The Lolocaust probably remember that I used to churn out the occasional scribbles of badly written and angry articles. Usually they were aimed at the greatest failure of the 21st century so far. If Peter Mandelson and his delightfully fascist Digital Economy Bill just popped into your head, then you’d be wrong. I am, of course, referring to the PS3.

Well that’s all in the past and Sony has performed an hero of a job of killing their own product without even the slightest sniff of help from yours truly! So three cheers for the liars big wigs at Sony, keep up the good work!

At this point you may be asking yourself – Do I have time to get a quick wank in before I go out this afternoon? Only you can answer that question, but I will say there’s always time for self love, especially with Sooty on hand to help out. The less perverted amongst our readership will probably be asking themselves – What’s ‘ee gettin’ at? Well, now is a good a time as any to fill the gaps in your curiosity.

I’ve missed writing articles for The Lolocaust. I by no means fool myself into thinking I was any good, but that still didn’t stop me from writing. With this is mind, my new job which means I have some more normality to my life and my continuing passion for the video games industry at a fundamental level, I’d like to say I’m back. I’m back behind the keyboard, and I’m going to be back to writing the odd article here and there. Don’t worry though; it’s not all going to be PS3 bashing. This time it’s going to be a far more critical look at the industry as a whole and represent a particular section which doesn’t get much press these days, certainly not as much as it deserves. This’ll be the PC for the Joeys amongst you!

I’ll be covering bits and bobs about new hardware, technology, how I believe it’s going to be filtered down and used/abused by the next generation of console manufacturers, but most importantly I’ll be focusing on the commonly misunderstood areas of PC gaming, freedom to create user generated content, real community spirits and just how easy it is (and cheap) to get into PC gaming. I’ll also be doing my best to describe why in the not so distant past, CoD6:Modern Warfare 2 (I don’t care what Activision marketed as), Alien Vs Predator, Bad Company 2 and Unreal Tournament 3 were shot down by the core PC market. Mistakes developers make, and why console owners shouldn’t stand for what they’re being forced fed at ridiculous prices. Of course this is all my opinion, and I’ll be open for discussion.

Just to point out to new timers to the site, I own every console going pretty much, except for one or two of the more rare items. The only console I don’t own, but (unfortunately know people with one so I have used one quite a lot) is a PS3. I also like to troll console owners in an elitist (read twattish) manner, but it’s all in jest. I regularly use all my consoles and love them equally. After all, I’m a gamer, I love games, I love the industry and I hate Bobby Kotick.

I hope you enjoy my upcoming articles. The first of which, just to water your mouth a little, will be all about the new paradigm which has just taken place on the PC with regards to gaming. There may also be a few funny stories and a little abuse for that well known company I suspect many of you own a product from. I’ve a new company to abuse now, and this one doesn’t come much more popular!


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