Lolocaust Can Exclusively Reveal that Tesco’s ‘Exclusive’ Lego Harry Potter ‘Exclusive’ Is Possibly The Worst ‘Exclusive’ Game Release EVER!

Exclusive should mean that you get something rather special that no-one else could ever get, unless they shop in the same store/have the same wife etc… Hell even the dictionary elves at designate the following description:

not admitting of something else; incompatible: mutually exclusive plans of action.

Which would suggest somewhat that I should have had high expectations when Tesco announced a fair while ago that it would have it’s own ‘Exclusive’ version of Lego Harry Potter. I decided to wait until it was on the shelves before committing, but seeing it in it’s inch and a bit with of goodness I knew there would be something awesome inside, at least one Lego kit, perhaps a soundtrack CD… DLC… etc… But what was inside? Have a guess and then hit the jump.

So here is the offending ‘Exclusive’ edition in all it’s rather impressive glory. Now Tesco (at least where I live) place large editions of games inside plastic security boxes to ensure that no-one steals the goodness from inside, and this one was no different, so all I had to go by – given that there are no indications on the packaging or on the in-store POS – was the size of the box.

The Lego Harry Potter box is wider – just – than the Modern Warfare 2 Hardened Edition as well as bigger than the Gears of War 2 Limited Edition. This obviously got me excited. Now the box that it was in was plastic, and an unknown weight to factor in, but the package felt hefty enough.

So let’s do a little unboxing shall we… let’s see if you were correct in your guess work…

One last hint – this is what is inside the box… clearly the cardboard divider was placed into the packaging to stop whatever you get for free moving around and getting damaged.

So… here we have the contents all laid out…

Yep… that’s it. Essentially:

One small sheet of stickers

Four postcards

A poster which has been folded beyond use (and creased on the corner)

One VERY crappy card wallet with room for TWO cards only

And this voucher offering 2 for 1 on Legoland tickets!

That’s all that there is. Not a single piece of Lego!

In terms of actual Lego all I got was this:

Essentially I got ‘pictures’ of Lego (more specifically pictures of ‘Artificial CG Lego’:

Which is a bit like sitting down in a high-backed chair for sweaty self-love session and reaching into your pants to find this propped up against your pubic area:

Which would be rather crap, if for no other reason than the risk of paper cuts.


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