We Bow To These Folks!

Recently, we at ZUG got together a few dozen of our closest friends to re-enact this loving tribute to one of the best videogames of all time, Lemmings. Some of you will remember its original incarnation on the great Commodore Amiga computer; others will remember the ports to Game Boy, Sega Genesis, and mobile phones; still others will have no idea what we’re doing here, because you were too busy playing Sonic.

We shot this video on a beautiful summer day in Boston, with dozens of people stopping us to ask why we were dressed up like Vegas showgirl graduates. A few people got the reference and shouted, “LEMMINGS!” which some of us found insulting, because we’re quite capable of thinking for ourselves.

Going through the ultra-ritzy Copley Place mall was a bit of a gamble, as it was here that we were kicked out while filming our Michael Jackson prank. The mall cops radioed each other, their walkie-talkie trigger fingers at the ready. They guarded the Lemmings as we passed through the mall, lest any of us should begin building a bridge, or spontaneously exploding.

For that, of course, we waited until we got outside. (Oh, no!)



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