Nintendo Just Can’t Go Wrong

With the release of Nintendo’s jiggle-enabled Gamecube re-release a lot of gamers were turned off by broken promises and standard def, last-gen visuals. This was compounded by using a man with a face made out of clay as a spokesman, and by re-hashing every workable idea for extra cash whilst allowing a flood of shovelware crap onto it’s machines.

But then E3 2010 happened and the spark seemed to have returned. The gamers were respected and rewarded with updates to classic franchises and a very flashy show. Now with the new Kirby/Zelda/Kid Icarus/etc games coming out and the semi-awesome 3DS on the horizon it seems that Nintendo can’t put a thing wrong… Of course they could possibly hire some awful people for a Xmas advertising campaign, following the Ant and Dec travesty of last year… but that would be stupid… why would they make a mistake like that while on this wave of awesomeness?

Irish twins bag a £250,000 advertising deal

Nintendo UK has reportedly signed Irish pop duo Jedward to be the face of their upcoming Christmas advertising campaign.

The X-Factor twins will apparently be filming a series of adverts and promos next week for Nintendo Wii and DSi which will net them a cool £250,000.



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