Naughty Joonia – A Moralistic Tale By A Seven Year-Old

My daughter is a creative type, she spent most of her toddling days painting and shaping play-doh and as her reading and writing skills have developed she has take to writing short stories. Last night, while I was settling the youngest into his bed, she wrote one which is slightly scary but has a good moral message: The Tale of Joonia, The Naughty Dinosaur.

Joonia, The Naughty DinosaurBy Little Miss Bouncybhall

“Once there was a dinosaur, his name was Joonia. He was a baby, all he could say was ‘Goo Goo Gaa Gaa’.

His Mum and Dad loved him lots but one day they didn’t quite because he had changed!

He was being very naughty.

These are the things he had done.

Tied a mammoth to a tree and kicked a turtle in the chest.

His Mum and Dad tried so hard to make him better but they couldn’t so they had to do something awful, they had to leave him all on his own!

They set off when Joonia was alseep and when Joonia woke up he cried and cried but no-one heard him.

Suddenly a dinosaur came and said “Have you lost your Mum and Dad?” and Joonia said “Yes” so the dinosaur said “Come and live with us” so he did.

The End

So all in all a dark tale of juvenile delinquence and parental failure all capped off with a potentially hazardous adoption and yet one with a very good moral, one that more children should be aware of.

Behave… or you will be left to fend for yourself.

There you go Cameron, a new policy for your puppet theatre government to utilise. Drop the ‘Hug a Hoodie’ campaign and kick off ‘Leave the Little Fuckers’


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