Biggest Article Ever In Final Stages! Three Years In The Making (Not That It Shows)

When I was writing for Consoles and Conkers I wrote an article about scary/horror themed games for a Halloween Special. Ever since then I have written a new version for this site, but then either decided not to post it due to quality, or just not finished it. As such there are three years worth of rough workings floating about on my PC. As it stands the ’31 Ghosts of Bouncybhall’ will be finished in time for this Halloween – hell it’s already scheduled to post itself regardless – and is quite a mammoth undertaking. I *may* split it down into a daily feature for the whole of October, but we shall see.

I’m only telling you this as it’s all I’ve worked on this week and all that I probably will have time to, so you can uncross those fingers… more content is coming.


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