Countdown Game Throws Out Mild Swear-Word – Mother IS F**KING FURIOUS!

The Sun is running a story about this little nice family, The Smiths from Hampstead, who were sitting down to a nice family game of Countdown on the nice family friendly console for nice families, the Nintendo Wii (Wii being an ancient Mayan translation of ‘nice family’) when all of a sudden something not so family friendly was presented on the family friendly computer game – which was supposed to be family friendly… but what sweary treat was unveiled during the Countdown Conundrum?

Without giving too much away the jumbled letters were:

S – H – A – H – S – I – T – E – D

Ignore for a moment that you can make the laughable ‘I Shed Shat’ and think that there was a young impressionable mind present… they wouldn’t have forseen ‘Shitheads’ would be unveiled!




Look at him… look at his corrupted face…

Now call me picky but:

a) How is that still on screen if they rushed him out of the room?

b) Why make him do the ‘contemplate’ face?


c) Surely making an Xbox 360 run on that bloody telly would have been far more damaging to his little eyes?

Plus he’s only three.. how the heck could he play a game of Countdown anyway? This is clearly a case of a mental insufficient parent beating a toddler at a game for nothing but personal ego boosting purposes coupled with a quick way of making a couple of hundred quid without having to get with a rapist/murderer/family member and sell the story to Take A Break magazine.

Also.. she should have known what she was getting into… the game was made by a company called Koch.


Like COCK!

Which is a sweary word for penis y’know.

She actually thrust the product of a penis into a three year old’s face and we are supposed to be offended by a game that randomly generates words.

She’s no better than the Pope.



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