Just briefly…

I heard Duke Nukem Forever won’t have health kits. It’s got some weird auto-health regen thing. That pretty much sums up why it’s going to be the most disappointing game. Ever. They had one, simple game to copy, one simple set of rules to follow and one game play style to stick too. Apparently it’s too hard to make a balls to the wall shooter with an air of 80’s action movie cheese surrounding it. They had to fuck with the formula and give it a late 21st century Oh games are too hard! Oh I’m so pathetic I keep failing, Oh make games easier with conveniently placed walls I can hide behind and regenerate. It’s not piracy causing games to not sell, it’s developers being dicks, and new comers to the current gen consoles that don’t know what a decent game is. Fact.


8 thoughts on “Just briefly…

  1. The Dermer has spoken!

    As someone who is a console gamer I do miss the days of ‘medi-packs’ but not to the point where it will ruin the game for me… The trailer got me suped up, I’m gonna love it regardless.

    I’m sure someone will mod the game on PC to make it better for you luddites 😉

  2. Why would Med packs ruin the game for you?

    Duke3D allowed you to drink from toilets, hydrants and even carry a portable kit around with you. Oh yeah, and steroids.

    That shit is fine, it works, it’s how it should be. It’s a newer version of eating turkeys and food to heal. Which was also fine.

    Having blood smeared on your monitor, in the same way you’d get it all over your face while eating out a girl on her period but not realising she was on her period until you go to kiss her… that’s not al right. It’s not realistic, it ruins the survivability, strategy and any skill required to not actually want to get shot in the balls.


    1. Aye totally… I was simply stating that the impact of health packs on console gamers is a shock to the system, and devs are right to avoid causing ripples in such a big pond.

      Hell, I overheard a conversation in the shop when Call of Duty Classic was released on XBLA – the port of the PC version – and they were saying how much harder it was than Veteran difficulty on the more modern titles.

      Encapsulates it all really, people don’t want ‘difficult’ games out of the box, they now want selective levels.

      I’m not justifying it.. I merely am now used to the recoverable health system, s’all.

  3. For the record, healing from machines on the wall is also fine. So is fucking up crates with a crowbar while shouting mexican swear words and various box raping sentiments.

    That’s also fine.

  4. Also, you know me, I’m pretty sure Ripples is what’s needed. The fact of the matter is, the general console consumer (Read the kids who’s first gaming console was an xbox or a PS2/3) will pay for anything. Even if it’s complete wank. They can put med kits and conventional healing back in, and it’ll still sell. I bet my left testicle on that.

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