Lativans: Making Cinema Going Better, One Murder At A Time

Ben Elton Is a Talentless SelloutIf you eat loudly, talk on a mobile or just generally act like a dick in a cinema then you sir deserve EVERYTHING  that you have coming to you. Like this fella in Latvia…

Police said they had arrested a 27-year-old man suspected of shooting a 42-year-old fellow audience member who later died of his wounds.

The conflict took place as the credits rolled during a screen of the Oscar-nominated film “Black Swan”, according to police in the Baltic state.

Witnesses told the Latvian news agency Leta that it arose over how loudly the deceased man was eating his popcorn.

Gun-crime is relatively rare in Latvia, a European Union nation of 2.2 million.

The shooting occurred on Saturday evening in the central multiplex cinema in the Latvian capital, Riga, at the end of the psychological thriller about a ballet dancer who loses her mind succumbing to pressure to perform.

Now obviously we at The Lolocaust do not approve of murder* but you know how it is…  I think if I had access to firearms I would probably have done the same on many occasions.  So take this warning… if you are a cinema twat, don’t go to Latvia.

*The image in this article is from the cover of Ben Elton’s ‘novel’ Popcorn. We at the Lolocaust distance ourselves further from Ben Elton than we do the murder of irritating cinema-goers.


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