Kirby Producer Wants The World To Love Pie

It’s often said that Nintendo has lost touch with the gamers of the world – I am sure I’ve said it numerous times at least – and with the recent launch of the ever-so-cute-it-requires-these-over-the-top-quickly-spoken-in-a-squeaky-voice-type-things-to-be-added to any article that dares utter the words Kirby’s Epic Yarn. Now I’m highly indifferent towards the Kirby franchise, I’ve never understood it, despite enjoying the small amount of time I have spent with games on the early systems. Either way, how can Nintendo hope to interest the kind of gamer that frequents Call of Duty, GTA IV and Bulletstorm? How do you entice a gamer from the bloody to the woolly? Short answer they don’t… long answer involves a pie analogy.

Speaking to Eurogamer the producer of the new Kirby game, Kensuke Tanabe came up with this frankly bonkers explanation of Nintendo’s possible ‘mature gamer attraction’ strategy:

“If someone really hates apple pies, even the best-tasting apple pie in the world would not satisfy him. On the other hand, if those who have never eaten apple pie found interest in apple pie and got really satisfied when they actually eat one – isn’t it possible to make them new apple pie fans?

“I believe the first step for that possibility is to let more people know that there is a great apple pie available in the world.”

Now obviously I assume that by letting more people know that there is ‘a great apple pie’ he had loftier ideas than the recent Elephant and Castle ‘Launch’ event that saw a bench and some railings adorned with some knitted items…

Everyone knows that pie will attract gamers, knitted creations are all well and good, but they aren’t going to be getting the shooter fans out of their men size nappies and out of the house. They should have done a cross promo with an energy drink company instead… or perhaps make Kirby more ‘edgy’ I hear that’s what the kids like these days.

NB: We actually loved the idea of a Yarn Storm to promote Kirby… we just think that there are more effective ways of launching a game, especially when said game has been delayed for a LONG time in this region.

Oh, and regarding the pie thing:


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