It Asda Be Love!

The supermarket invasion continues!

Welcome to Asda dating !

Forget speed dating, supermarket dating is where it’s at.

Research reveals the supermarket has overtaken the pub and the internet as the nation’s number 1 spot to find love.

Shop for your dream date

Supermarkets have always been a great way for singles people to meet.

So it makes sense that if you’re now shopping online for your groceries, why not find love online too?

Now we at The Lolocaust find this new step for the Wal-Mart owned Asda to be very agreeable. I mean think about it. Being able to shop around for a girlfriend.




Smart Price is what you need!


10 thoughts on “It Asda Be Love!

    1. Ha! The best kind of bargain! The last thing I bought from Asda was a memory card for a camera… I reckon you’d beat that in the ‘playing Gunstar Heroes’ stakes!

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