Headline Writer Win!

“I Submit You Took That Baseball, Stashed It In Your Unusually Large Vagina And Walked Right On Outta Here!”

I love Curb Your Enthusiasm, and the line above made me choke on Monster Munch when I heard it for the first time, I would have probably died if I’d been eating when Larry rang his mobile phone later on, and ever since I watched it with a friend he has been obsessed with the Large Vagina. His love has led to him emailing me a lot of filth. A LOT! But then I got this news story that had the BEST headline EVER!

The article reads as follows:

A female drugs trafficker with 71 balls of heroin hidden in her vagina is facing five years in jail after she was arrested by border guards in Poland.

Katarzyna Szymanska, 23, was discovered to be carrying nearly half a kilogram of the drug after a search at the Polish-German border crossing in Kostrzyn nad Odra.

“There was something about the way she was walking that raised our suspicions. She seemed very uncomfortable and could barely walk a step without wincing in pain,” customs spokeswoman Anna Galon said.

So what headline did they choose for this story?

Drug Smuggler Hides Heroin in Vagina?


They went for this:

Long Stretch

Fucking genius!

Absolute genius.

Austrian Times I salute you!



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