Twitterview – The Twitter Interview #1

A while ago it was suggested to me by a good friend that the Internet has made life a lot easier for people who want to generate amateur blogs dedicated to subject matter. Previously you would have to create a ‘zine to get your own thoughts ‘out there’ or at the very best do some freelance work, but now we can all put our ramblings up on the web for the world to see. We can also contact people who were once, mostly, impossible to reach now that we have Twitter. After this discussion I decided that Twitter had changed the way I communicate with people online, and as such wanted to do something based around it. So here it is, the ‘Twitterview’ an interview conducted in real time over Twitter.
(Note: This was a first attempt and was conducted on the same night as the Gaming BAFTA’s which overloaded Twitter on frequent occasions)

Bouncybhall: The First Lolocaust Interview Thing will be going live soon! Interviewing @VN_Stuart this evening. Gaming
questions ahoy! #Lolo
VN_Stuart: OK, fire away.
Bouncybhall: Excellent… LET THE QUESTIONS COMMENCE!
Bouncybhall: Why did you ever agree to this madcap proposition?
VN_Stuart: Because you tempted me with a bag of Jelly Babies.
Bouncybhall: Aha! I knew that would work, nothing better than sweets to tempt the gamer. Do you like being branded as a ‘gamer’?
VN_Stuart: Yeah at least it’s better than been called a Train-Spotter or even worse a Justin Bieber fan.
Bouncybhall: I find it interesting, it’s such a diverse area of interest, categorised into one small word. Do you call yourself one?
VN_Stuart: Of course I call myself one, it’s the only thing in my eyes that you can escape the real world into.
Bouncybhall: Ah, so you see it as pure escapism. You are also a film fan, so which do you find more capable of losing yourself in, and why?
VN_Stuart: For me it would have to be games, with games it’s much more easier to get to know characters and worlds…
VN_Stuart: …because of the amount of time you can spend with them, where movies you only have that short window of the length…
VN_Stuart: …of the movie.
Bouncybhall: I think it’s a very valid point. In your gaming history has there been a specific game you’ve become comfortable inside of?
VN_Stuart: Well the first game I got fully involved with has to be Final Fantasy VII.
Bouncybhall: I missed out on that, being a late adopter to the PSX. Were you as affected by the ‘death’ in it as most people seem to be?
VN_Stuart: I don’t think I was however it did open my eyes to the fact that games could also feature sad emotions as well.
Bouncybhall: I think that’s something a lot of critics of the industry fail to notice, for all the carnage there are genuine moments of…
Bouncybhall: …emotion, most recently for me Read Dead Redemption… Do you think that games will ever get the same recognition as films?
VN_Stuart: I don’t think they will however that cannot be a bad thing can it as I think that games and films should be kept apart a little.
Bouncybhall: Obviously we have the video game BAFTAs tonight… any predictions?
VN_Stuart: I’m hoping Mario Galaxy 2 or Heavy Rain will win a few however you know that the usual COD/Halo will win stuff as well.
Bouncybhall: Usually the way these things go. Were you surprised about Rockstar not submitting RDR?
VN_Stuart: Very surprised as I think that it would of won a few awards.
Bouncybhall: Definitely. So, if I were to put you on the spot and ask you to do a Desert Island Disks, which three games would you take?
VN_Stuart: Zelda Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy VII and because I couldn’t pick a third one out of a lot of games Peggle.
Bouncybhall: Peggle’s a good choice. So do you have a shelf of collectables? Figures, special editions etc…?
VN_Stuart: I wouldn’t say that, I have a few bits and bobs plus every console I’ve ever had, I’ve still got.
Bouncybhall: So what was your favourite console?
VN_Stuart: It had to be my SNES.
Bouncybhall: Good choice… obviously the correct answer was Sega Mega Drive, but well done. Gonna start wrapping this up now.
Bouncybhall: Is there anything you’d like to add, mention, promote etc… The audience is yours to abuse….
VN_Stuart: If you take gaming to seriously and all you do is annoy people shoot yourself now!
Bouncybhall: I assume that’s aimed at our good friends, the FPS ‘elite’ idiots?
VN_Stuart: Yep mainly.
VN_Stuart: Also when I get back online in a few weeks time I would like more people to take part in my #VNQ10 thing.
Bouncybhall: Consider it pimped out dude! So thanks for taking part man, despite Twitter downtime I think it went well for a first effort.
VN_Stuart: No problem glad I could help.
So there you have it in all it’s lo-fi glory. I genuinely hope that some of you managed to ‘listen in’ live as it was conducted, I had a blast – despite the website’s downtime – and hope to do a lot of these in the future.

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