Life’s Great Moments – Nerfie and I Are Dancing In The Moonlight

Life is full of perfect moments.

I’m not talking about the birth of children – or the day you lose your virginity to the school caretaker – instead I am referring to those moments that make you smile when you remember them. 

Times like when Davey accidentally swallowed a whole egg, with the shell still on, and panicked, so punched himself in the throat, broke it and then passed out.

Times like when Auntie Joan farted in front of Princess Anne.

Times like when you realise that you have just shaved the cat in your sleep.

All times like that, but things that actually happened, obviously.

Times like the Stag Night I enjoyed with my closest buddies, at one point Nerfie and I ran across some ornamental gardens at Skegness – in Novemeber – and *ahem* Bust some Moves.

Was awesome.

Here’s the photo…

That night was one of the best I’ve ever had – despite/as a result of being hideously under-planned, with half of Skeggy closed – and I can look at this photo with the same fondness I have for any of my children.

So what about you? What are your unconventional perfect moments? Drop us a line in the comments and share the story.


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