Unsure About This Whole ‘Yes/No To AV’ Thing? This sorts EVERYTHING Out

The whole argument is made a lot clearer with some helpful annotation.


2 thoughts on “Unsure About This Whole ‘Yes/No To AV’ Thing? This sorts EVERYTHING Out

  1. Actually, it’s just another bunch of partisan nonsense. You could do the same the other way around. Fact is, people seem to have an intrinsic “feel” for whether they prefer a person who gets what you’d call a “widest preference” or if they’d prefer a person who gets the most votes to be the winner. All the rest is just the two sides sabre rattling at each other.

    Personally, I prefer the person who wins to win. It seems pretty simple to me. But I suspect that the “wide preference” idea seems pretty simple to others. You believe what you believe. Vote for it and we’ll see what happens. Yay democracy!

    1. Yes!

      I initially put this post up with the following intention:

      “To ensure that people realise that promotional/persuasive material is never going to provide a fair, balanced view of anything”

      I think it’s telling that 90% of people I have spoken to have based their decision solely upon these materials/things they’ve read on the Internet, provided by combatants on either side of the line.

      Personally I am unsure as to what system is most ‘beneficial’ to Britain as a whole, but after the last election left me embittered I feel the knee-jerk reaction to lean towards the AV. Five years ago I would probably opposed it, but that’s the very nature of political thinking I guess.

      My ultimate hope is that this referendum, coupled with the discussions online and in the media – and in the pub, naturally – will raise the interest levels of potential voters who until now were not inclined to participate.

      More people voting is a win for either side of the discussion in my book.

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