Saturday Shorts: The Cat With Hands

So last week I let you into my love of film, specifically short films and after a positive response it has been decided that – when possible – we will be posting up a specific film each weekend, with a little bit of personal opinion and then use the comments field for any discussions. I hope this is as well received as I present the dark, surreal tale of ‘The Cat With Hands’.

I first saw this short about nine years ago when a friend of mine put it on a DVD after he had seen it at a University film society meeting, he felt that I would love it, and he was not wrong. Taking cues from traditional folk and faery tales – proper ones involving nasty stuff, not your average Disney fare – it takes elements of the fantastical, horror and curiosity and spins a tale involving a cat with some very odd desires. Anyway, I’ll say no more, let’s see the film.

So… What did you think? I could go on for ages here about my feelings towards the short but I’d like to know what you think. Is this the first time you’ve seen it? What are your opinions?

Of course feel free to share this around as well, film is best enjoyed with others. Discussion is better as a group.


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