Reader’s Gallery – Sonic 20th Anniversary Special

If like me you grew up in the days that gaming journalism was confined to awesome magazines such as Crash, CVG and Mean Machines then you will remember fondly the rather brilliant ‘Gallery’ area that often featured prominently in the latter’s issues. Anything seemed to be printable, but every issue would feature some sort of pitted battle between Nintendo’s Overweight (and likely paedophile) Plumber Mario and Sega’s – at that point untainted – Blue Hedgehog, Sonic. 

To sum up these pictures in particular – and not ignoring the brilliance that some artists managed to achieve – you would normally see a bloody fight involving guns and knives, and usually adding in some faecal matter for good measure. Puerile at best it encapsulated the Console Wars as they really were, the Propaganda Machine was in full flow and every boy, girl and other could state their allegiance with badly drawn artwork involving a dead plumber, and eviscerated hedgehog and bucket-loads of human excrement.

With this in mind we ask YOU dear readers to send us some artwork for this very special Reader’s Gallery! Lolocauster AHDVD sent this one in already so take inspiration from it:

This entry was submitted by Andrew from Falkirk and depicts a

rather flat looking Sonic, perhaps this is true photo realistic 2.5D gaming?

So there you go, not hard at all. You can use any media you like, just get us those images and we will put them into our gallery. At the end of the week we shall deliberate and select a winner who shall win, well… something from the Lolocaust Pantry.

We look forward to seeing what you offer: either through the comments area here or on our Twitter account @Bouncybhall


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