Hedgehog Begins…

Like any great superhero, be it the Caped Crusader or the Flatulant Philanderer Sonic the Hedgehog also has an origin story. Not told in the main bulk of the 16-bit entries for the series it remains a mystery to many while the select few know of an ancient and holy book that details the beginning of the Blue Messiah. While this tome may have been lost to time itself we are left with ‘scans’ of it’s knowledge instilling pages thanks to the fine work of the SonicRetro.org scribes, hit the jump to read for yourself how the American Sonic origin story plays out.





So there you have it, the official Western-area origin of our beloved Blue omnivore. Not all of the details entered the official canon, but it is a very interesting example of marketing material in terms of introducing a new character, and world, to a then Nintendo loving demographic. Sonic the Hedgehog changed the fortunes for Sega and twenty years have almost passed since the greatness was strapped into his red and white shoes and unleashed upon us all.


3 thoughts on “Hedgehog Begins…

  1. I’ve got a whole box of comics at home, mostly filled with early edition beanos, but I’m pretty sure I’ve still got the original copy of that in it as well.

  2. It’s likely.. If memory serves it was re-hashed in the UK Sonic comics as a back story, as well as being issues – albeit in a slightly shorter form – inside the pages of a couple of magazines.

    Either way I’m proud to have them on here…

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