Get The Portal 2 OST For Free (Now Includes Volume 2)

As I sit here writing this I am wracking my mind trying to think of a better way of getting things than a free download through an official website and have concurred that the ONLY way that Valve could ensure the release of Volume 3 of their epic – and thoroughly generous – series of soundtrack releases from the similarly epic Portal 2 would be to have it delivered by J.K. Simmonds and attatched to some combustible lemons.

That’s the ONLY way.

Over to you Valve.

Anyways, back on point, this week sees the addition of a ‘Volume 2’ to the already available ‘Volume 1’ of the Portal 2 OST.

They are free.

They are great.

They may ensure you masturbate.

Get them here.

You even get to download ringtones, perfect for that stag night prank involving locking the groom in a hastily constructed test chamber.

Picture his face, it’s a picture.


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