(Temporarily) Banned From Xbox Live!

This morning I came downstairs at 5am with the intention of getting my game on. I stuck Halo Reach into my console and signed in.

Or at least I attempted to.

Instead I got a message on-screen informing me that my account had been suspended, and that details had been emailed out to me.

But why would someone as charming and inoffensive as I be ‘banned’?

Well officially the answer is that something in this Profile/Bio information was a violation of the Code of Conduct:

Motto Strange and Unusual
Bio THINGS I LIKE cheese/gaming/movies/photography/purple/death note/monster trucks/monopoly/burnout/sarcasm/mouthwash/coke/haribo/hddvd/sex/ vodka/lasagne/writing/lego/hot cross buns/flapjack/the nineties/boobs/nametags/walking/frosty cobwebs/plinth/mr bean/apples/ conversation/bus travel/log cabins/icicles/theme parks/sega/zombies/kol/the who/bill hicks/the a team/chris morris/doctor who/old people telling jokes/grapes/pin badges/ducks/being a dad/tim burton movies/finland/fudge/little victories!
Name Bouncybhall – Nathyn
Location http://www.lolocaust.co.uk – Just Like Bacon!

So I guess it would have to be either the word ‘sex’ or ‘boobs’ under the code that states that you will not create profiles containing ‘ topics or content of a sexual nature’ – which frankly seems a little churlish.

Rules are rules of course, and I have no problem whatsoever with this, but I do have one issue, one that actually makes me a little annoyed.

This ‘ban’ came about yesterday – a day that I didn’t game online, at all.

In fact my major ‘online’ presence over the last couple of weeks has been very limited due to my attempts to 100% Lego Pirates and Fallout: New Vegas. The only ‘online with Xbox’ time I have had was in response to an email I received that informed me that I was now an official Xbox Ambassador, and that my online profile/forum icon would be changed to reflect this. I posted in a Batman: GOTY thread on the official forums to see what my newly enhanced forum icon would look like – incidentally it adds a laurel wreath at the bottom – and left it at that.

Now as I posted in a fairly innocuous thread with a non-inflammatory comment – about how I hadn’t realised that the GOTY edition of Batman: Arkham Asylum has a seperate achievement list, thus allowing a second play through to garner new achievement points – which can only mean that I was picked out as a result of my name being listed on the email of 2000 gamertags that were being given Amassador status.

Was someone being childish and looking for some way of getting back at profiles?

I can’t say for sure, all I know for a fact is that my profile information has been the same for about three years – hell I state my love for HD-DVD for Christ’s sake – and have had plenty of people review me, leave feedback etc…

So target of childish attitude?

Just ‘lucky’ enough to have gone under the radar for ages?

Whatever the answer I am banned from using Xbox Live for 48 hours, and I’m not too pleased about that for one major reason: hypocrisy.

A few years ago we made a point about racism and sexual activity on Uno – using the Xbox Live Vision Camera – which was picked up by Gareth Williams of 360 Gamer magazine who ran a double page article in the magazine about the issues we had reported. We saw two people use incredibly racist taunts (making KKK masks, holding bananas up to the camera and making ape noises as well as the boring, generic racist slurs) and reported their gamertags to Microsoft – the magazine also did this – nothing was done. The account was still active for at least the next six months – we got bored of checking after that. It’s a case of the same story being told time and time again, as an Ambassador of all things Xbox – officially recognised of course – and huge supporter of the platform I am saddened by the course of action, but like I said I could not argue that rules were not being upheld while moaning about the rules being upheld.

What I would like to see, however, is a list that includes the terms that violate the ban.

Seems odd that simple ‘sex’ and ‘boobs’ would be enough, given that someone I was shot by in Black Ops was called GrannyRap3r – or something like that.

I shall see you all online soon enough, but for now I’ll ‘enjoy’ my downtime by playing on the PlayStation 3.

For shame.


5 thoughts on “(Temporarily) Banned From Xbox Live!

  1. It does seem a little odd, so they’ve given you a 48 hour ban and i’m guessing haven’t told you what it was specifically that caused the breach of the code of conduct? In which case, if they don’t tell you specifically what’s wrong, how can you fix it and stop it from happening again?

    What they should have done was to send you an e-mail, saying EXACTLY what it was that was causing the issue/offence (yeah, right), and give you 24/48 hours to change it, and then activate a 48 hour ban IF you didn’t change what they asked.

    Microsoft really has gone downhill in the past few years, if they’re not careful they are going to piss off the decent people and just be left with assholes on xbox live when the decent people get sick of putting up with their bullshit.

    1. The email I got simply stated that my profile was flagged up and ALL content was deleted as a result.

      Like you said it does automatically raise an issue of ‘what’ caused the issue. I have seen far, FAR worse things on profiles, but again I can’t complain about inaction with my complaints and then moan about action on my own profile.

      I do wonder how much of the ‘complaint’ was related to my Xbox Ambassador induction.

  2. Whats even more funny is that you have had that as your bio for a very long time yet they only ban you now

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