What Was The Awesome Thing In My Notebook?

So.. about that notebook…

Well, it’s like this.

As I have mentioned in the past I have written for many websites, but my first ‘proper’ writing gig was on the Consoles and Conkers retro gaming and stuff site. I loved my time there and in the last year or so of my time with them I attempted to create a text based adventure game.

It was to be based around the writers of the site and detailing a mission to get to a Retro Gaming event. It was going to be full of references to other stuff we had written as well as detail the sort of things that we had in our gaming collections/real lives as usable objects.

My notebook contained the full map plan for that game, and was essential to getting the design right.

As such I now have in my possession a map for a game that I *could* amend and finish – but this time base it around more relevant events, people and items.

I doubt I’ll move forwards very quickly, but I will attempt to do it over the Christmas holidays – I am normally suffering the WORST insomnia around then – and hopefully post it up as a present to all site fans.

I mention this as I want your suggestions as to what I should put in there. It could be anything including: Duke Nukem Forever references, The Lib/Con Coalition, Phone Hacking, the Daily Mail or even Matthew Broadfield (as long as he doesn’t change his name again before we finish it). I am also looking into the potential of getting it to be compatible with the iOS/Kindle devices.

So what do you think? You reckon you could inspire something awesome?


One thought on “What Was The Awesome Thing In My Notebook?

  1. Something 3D related needs to be added along with the credit crunch and just so that i can get in there the first time you heard me say Film (the way i use to say it)

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