Why Nintendo Have Not Peeved Me Off With The Price Drop Proposals…

When I got all excited and bought a launch day black Nintendo 3DS there were plenty of people waiting in line to point out that I was a fool.

Hopefully they were only referring to the obvious fact that the price would drop by Christmas, and I would be kicking myself for paying over the odds just to have it earlier.

Well these people were sort of right, but they were definitely wrong about the kicking myself bit.

So it transpired that Nintendo have announced a worldwide cut in the trade price of the 3DS to retailers. This cut is proposed to be roughly a third and should – in the UK at least – make for an actual selling price of about £135-£150, which is sixty pounds less than I paid.

This *should* by all rights annoy me greatly were it not for a rather considerate offer of appeasement that was also announced for those who were early adopters: namely an Ambassador program designed to offer some free games – twenty of them – from the Virtual Console on the Nintendo eShop.

This news has not been welcomed by all early adopters, specifically those wankers who think that all gaming should be in HD/3D/Star Spangled Glory, as opposed to actually being solidly playable. I’d take a handful of great classic retro originals over a shed full of shovel-ware and licensed crap.

So far it looks like the early adopting Ambassadors will be able to get their twenty free games on September the 1st (or thereabouts if Nintendo’s track record is anything to go by) as long as they use the eShop before the price drop hits (August 12th). Titles that have been names for far include:

NES Classics

Super Mario Bros.

Donkey Kong Junior

Ice Climber

Balloon Fight

The Legend of Zelda

as well as these GBA Classics

 Yoshi’s Island

Super Mario Advance 3

Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Metroid Fusion

WarioWare, Inc.

Mega Microgames

Mario vs. Donkey Kong.

Which to me personally represent a VERY generous package – the likes we haven’t seen since John Holmes died – that is worth more than the possible £60 saving in both actual monetary terms AND sheers awesomeness!

To further enhance this package Nintendo promise that when some of the games are released to the general public, in enhanced form (assuming a 3D enhancement as used in Excitebike) the updated versions will also be free to Ambassadors, while there are no plans to release the announced GBA titles to the public AT ALL!

So here’s the dilemma for people – buy one now, at a slightly higher price, and get twenty free games, or wait, and indulge smug self-satisfaction about the price drop while early adopters enjoy exclusive – and frankly exceptional – free games.


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