Wait For It… Wait For It… Now! Shout “GREGGS!” With Us! *Now With Instructions For The Shout ‘GREGGS!’ Game*

We at the Lolocaust haven’t been up to much writing recently, given that there are so many MUST PLAY NOW! games around and a shed load of summer blockbuster movies hitting Blu-Ray we are finding that the flat has been filled up from floor to ceiling with discarded food wrappers and carrier bags. Imagine our delight when we spotted this video featuring a bold as brass Greggs bag attempting to asphyxiate someone on the telly.  We have watched it so many times that we’ve invented a game.

Watch the video, and when the Greggs bag hit’s the bloke in the face you have to shout “GREGGS!” as loud as you can. First to shout out wins, but you can throw in this secondary rule involving the ‘Loudest wins’ trump card for those with huge lung capacity but slow reactions.

I’ll try to upload a video of us playing the game real soon. We encourage you to do the same. Come on readers, shout ‘GREGGS!’ with us.


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