The End of Game? With The News That They Will Have No Mass Effect 3 Or Other EA Titles, It Surely Has To Be, Doesn’t It?


I am speechless right now, after reading news on Eurogamer that Game will not be stocking any EA title once SSX is released, including what is surely to be the biggest selling game of this quarter, Mass Effect 3. Worse still, those whom have pre-ordered the game will be getting a refund (in-store credit only, which is even worse), as they won’t honour any pre-orders either, contrary to previous statements made in relation to other titles. Given that Game also had the exclusive rights to Mass Effect 3’s N7 Limited Edition I can’t help but wonder what the fate of that awesome set will be? Another retailer could suddenly benefit from Game’s collective woes.

I have to say that this does explain the dour atmosphere in the Game store I visited yesterday, as well as the lack of POS relating to the mega-franchise in-store. Can Game survive the next six months without EA titles? With Mass Effect 3, Fifa Street and more ahead I can’t see a financial solution that can help the much-maligned company now.

My advice, if you have in-store credit/points on your loyalty card, use them now and get pre-orders in for Mass Effect 3 elsewhere.

So what are your thoughts? Can Game survive without EA?

[Update – it appears that N7 editions are springing up on the Internet now, starting with ShopTo and GameStop, this would further strengthen the theory that EA is breaking ties quickly, if an exclusivity deal is now broken so soon after the news.]


5 thoughts on “The End of Game? With The News That They Will Have No Mass Effect 3 Or Other EA Titles, It Surely Has To Be, Doesn’t It?

  1. I still haven’t used my points yet, despite mentioning this a few weeks a go.

    They have nothing in Stock Online which I want. I’m going to have to go into Store and hope they have something….

    Funny how GAME will now become an Indie this time next year 😉

    1. I doubt there will be anything left of Game except a website within eighteen months. I’d hope not, I’m not a fan of the stores, but I think it’s important to have gaming stores on the high street.

      That said, I’d rather see an Indie on the high street.

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