Proof That EA Sports Acknowledge The Issue With Game Not Stocking Their Titles

This morning we received an email at The Lolocaust flat and we were stunned. Instead of the usual genital enlargements or Nigerian windfalls we were presented with a rather stark message from EA Sports, namely, re-order your game if you ordered at Game or Gamestation.

I can’t think of any other time in recent memory that any company went to these lengths, proving without a shadow of a doubt that EA understand the damage that the whole Game/Gamestation situation is doing.

Suffice to say it is good advice, albeit mildly depressing in the grand scheme of things as it clearly marks the first major move from a publisher making the situation clear.

Is this the call that marks the end? With other retailers now getting free advertising as a result I can’t see anything other than a buyout being a solution. Two weeks seems to be the accepted time frame, interesting if sad, times ahead. We are witnessing game retail history unfolding in real time.


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