The Day The Gamerscore Left, And Thousands Of Gamers Cried Out In Terror (AKA DON’T PANIC!)

Earlier today I noted a few people I follow on Twitter suddenly messaging the Twitter support for Xbox, all complaining that they had lost their Xbox Gamerscore. Obviously with my mighty 130k score I was worried that it would affect me as well, so quickly loaded up and while my gamerscore was intact, I was unable to view a previous history.

This, I think, is key to the problem.

Each person complaining had done something that would have caused a ‘save’ to be updated (either getting an achievement in-game, or loading up a game which has an on-line connection.) It would appear that an issue with the way that the profile information is store is causing issues for users, who get a message along the line of ‘the last time you played this game was on another console’ and bam, all gone.

Obviously for most users this *should* be a temporary event, the only issue we can conceive is that if someone get’s an achievement while the issue isĀ apparent, it could possibly be lost if it isn’t uploaded correctly – just as any achievements gained on an offline profile won’t be counted unless the game is played again with a live connection.

Currently is stuggling to load friend lists as well, so it could be something site wide, but time will tell. Ultimately we should take some confidence from the fact that it is usually possible to download a profile to a new machine, in this case it would determine that, in fact, all information is stored safely. It just seems that accessing this information has seen an issue arise.

Either way, we at The Lolocaust appreciate your concerns, but we are confident that the mighty folks at Microsoft will be all over this problem asap. Essentially it seems to be an access issue, that should be fairly easy to fix. If you want to keep an eye on the situation we recommend looking at Major Nelson’s blog or the aforementioned Xbox Support Twitter account

[EDIT] As we were writing this, this tweet popped up:

(Note: We at The Lolocaust reserve the right to rescind this comment if we are proved wrong, at which time we will probably write something scathing about Microsoft handling the issue in the same inept way that Sony tends to handle things.)


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