The Legend of Zelda – The Lost Tubes


The Lost Tubes lies directly to the north of Leicester Square and is inhabited by Hipster Kids. Playing “Busker’s Riff” to the Hipster Kid as a child will make him give you a Piece of Douche. It is a maze of tunnels that can be navigated by following the sound of Busker’s Riff”.

Taking a wrong tunnel leads back to the entrance in Tottenham Court Road. Portals to White City and Waterloo’s Domain are hidden within the Lost Tubes.

Also in the tunnels is a shooting challenge where the protagonist, ThamesLink, can win an “Evening Standard Bullet Bag” upgrade.

The area is also home to a few Business Scrubs. There are also a few locations where ThamesLink can play Rizzle Kicks with the Hipster Kids to win Pieces of Douche.

Located in the northern portion of the Lost Tubes is the Sacred Busking Meadow. This is the favorite haunt of Busker Dude, ThamesLink’s childhood friend and the Sage of the Underground.  It is also where the Busking Temple is hidden.   By following “Busker’s Riff” one can find a path to the meadow.

According to local folklore, any Communter who does not possess an iPhone4 and a copy of the Metro, will be transformed after becoming lost in the tunnels: Adults become Desperate Lost Husks, and children will become one of Dr Dre’s Beats.

Requires Sound…. 


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