A (Little Bit More Than A) Week Of Lolocaust – Weeks 11 and 12

So, following some epic trolling and coming through a totally uninspiring competition involving Twisted Metal Black we have been surprised by a lot this last couple of weeks. We’ve put through a few more One Hour Play-tests, responded to some correspondence and found something incredible hidden in the Underground, so without further delay let’s get on with the catch-up post!

The Confusing Missions Of Mass Effect 3

The Day The Gamerscore Left

Inspiration Comes At The Oddest Moments

The Legend of Zelda: The Lost Tubes

Hypocritical American Parents (again)

The Start Of The Trolling…

…The Last Deception Of Bouncy


Scarred Star and Nerfie ‘Kill’ A Bunny

Incredible Tron Inspired Dance Routine

One Hour Play-Test – Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Discussing Some Email Complaints

One Hour Play-Test – Ninja Gaiden 3

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