Coming Soon To The Lolocaust – Exclusive Interview With @BerlusconiDaily

This morning, by way of deception, we at The Lolocaust secured an exclusive interview with everyone’s favourite septogenarian sex-pest Italian.

Yes, we are going mano-et-mano with Mister Bunga-Bunga himself in a meeting of minds and a battle of the double entendre. It has potential to be pure political filth, splattered with Mediterranean love juices, and we are very excited. The finished interview may very well end up being the next Carry On movie, Carry On Up The Intern?

Either way, it’s going to be great. While we bash out the details and lube up the interview mobile, ensure that you follow @BerlusconiDaily on Twitter. You need to have at least one sex pest on there, it’s the LAW!

Oh and if @BerlusconiDaily asks, I’m a very attractive young lady. With emphasis on the young, obviously.

Shhhh, it’s our secret.


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