Retro Gaming’s GREATEST GAMES! – “Up For Grab$” Spectrum

In a new, occasional feature we will be featuring photographs of games that we own, and rock! You know, greats like Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Final Fantasy VII, only, not at all like those games.

Instead we will be looking at obscure titles that we love for the oddest of reasons. Sometimes it will be a quirky gameplay feature, another time it might just be a super witty title. The possibilities are somewhat endless. So let’s get things started!


First up is Up For Grab$!

Now I’ve never actually played this game – I will do in June during Spectrum week – but I ADORE the game box for being so darn brilliant.

Essentially game box art has to sell you the world, sell you the person you could be. In the case of Up For Grab$ it appears that you too could be a denim jacket wearing ugly bloke who seems to have won Bully’s special prize! You can probably drive a ‘Porsche’ and maybe shag your girlfriend who seems to have tiny facial features/a huge sided face. The mystery set up by the game case, and one I sincerely hope will be solved during my time with the game is obvious: “What slogan tee is the ugly guy wearing?” OK it’s not exactly on a par with ‘Who is Rosebud?’ or “Who shot Mr Burns?’ but it’s mystery enough for me until Sherlock/Jonathan Creek comes back on the telly box.

So yeah, Up For Grab$. Great stuff!

As a launch day bonus I’ve included this picture, just to remind us all of the days when we needed to buy magnifying glasses to attach to our gaming devices, because the visuals weren’t hard enough to decipher. Behold the 1.5x magnification ability (and recoil in terror from the obvious signs of battery leakage!)


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