So We Gone And Done One Of Them Audio Show Things…

Tonight saw the much anticipated (hah) launch of the Lolocaust In Your Lugholes show on after we decided to run a fifteen minute long test show, dealing with the currently topical subject of BioWare bending over backwards for it’s bewilderingly belligerent ‘fan-base’. 

Be warned there are some audio issues – mostly an auto-correct that reacted badly to me having a cough and a shouty rant voice – but feedback thus far has been overwhelmingly positive, and I am happy that I managed to pretty much stay on topic for the admittedly short run-time.

You can listen to the show now, or download it for a more suitable time here at our Spreaker page and please do make comments if you have any.

I am aiming to put out one more test show early next week, and then we should launch a fully-fledged show next week! Thanks for the support, we hope that we can put together something suited to the morning commute, the bedtime routine AND to listen to while tipping asparagus.


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