A Week Of The Lolocaust

Well Easter has been and gone, with chocolate eggs consumed and Zombie Jesus/Raptor Jesus have popped up on every corner of the web, but life at The Lolocaust goes on – even if my email address was dead on Friday, but rose on the Sunday 0_O – as usual, so join us on our weekly trip down memory lane.

One Hour Play-Test – Ridge Racer Unbounded

Could Tesco Really Be The Next ‘Home of Gaming’?

The Start Of Our Weekly Live Podcast

Round Up Of The Best April Fools Jokes 2012

Why I Won’t Be Rushing Back To GAME

Coming Soon, An Exclusive Interview With @BerlusconiDaily

Crap Game Box Art = Great Game Box Art? Up For Grab$

One Hour Play-Test – Handheld Round Up

More Shoddy Game Box Art – Wally Kong

New Contributor DalekSex Pits Final Fantasy X-2 VS Final Fantasy XIII-2

The Test Run Of Our Weekly Live Show Went ‘Well’

and finally

Get An Unlockable In Kinect Star Wars, Without Having To Be American

So there you go, some opinions, some laughs and a brand new contributor. Another great week at The Lolocaust.


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