Skyrim’s Dragonborn Theme Goes Where No Game Soundtrack Has Gone Before

This week the establishment was rocked when music from one of ‘them there video games’ made it into the Classic FM Hall of Fame. For many years movie soundtracks were able to be considered, but video game soundtracks have consistently been snubbed, despite some of the world’s greatest living composers working on them. With Skyrim’s Dragonborn Theme getting a place it has left the back door wide open for a few more tracks to sneak in and worry the middle classes.

Sitting proudly between Elgar and Borodin (who may or may not be a character in Skyrim), Jeremy Soule’s stirring theme is a great piece of music, and thoroughly deserving of it’s place in the ranks, even if some of the comments on the website aren’t as positive:

Margaret Upsdell: Sorry, did nothing for me but to make me go & put kettle on for a cuppa.

Generally though the mix of long-term classical music fans and new listeners drawn in by the new found support for a huge industry of great compositions, and it’s easy to see why it won people over:

But now that the flood gates are open, what could spill in next? Thoughts?

I’d love to see some tracks from the Medal of Honor series, particularly this one from the first game:

I guess the biggest hurdle for much of the great music featured in gaming is that the vast majority can’t be classed as ‘classical’, but what if a cover by the Video Games Live orchestra was put up for consideration? That would surely open the flood gates even wider and ensure that no music would be off limits, well apart from that dog ending music from Silent Hill 2, one time was enough for that one:

So what do you think? What would you like to see added in in the future? Kingdom Hearts? Battlefield 2? Throw out your ideas below, preferably with the obligatory YouTube link*

What I will just clarify is that I don’t see this as a huge step towards gaming being accepted as an art form, in many ways it has been for years, but I am stoked that great music is recognised as such.

*Other on-line video hosting sites are available.


7 thoughts on “Skyrim’s Dragonborn Theme Goes Where No Game Soundtrack Has Gone Before

  1. The score to this sounds epic, as a listener of movie scores i’m gonna have to get hold of this as the arrangement sounds awesome. I’ve never heard of Jeremy Soule, but i’m gonna have to keep an eye out for his name as from this i’m bound to see it appear again. I do already have the medal of honour soundtracks in my collection, as most of them were done by movie score composer Michael Giacchino, who has an extensive record of work including the new Star Trek and the last two Mission Impossible movies as well as the entirety of television series Lost.

  2. That’s funny you should mention Video Games Live. Did I ever finish my report from my attendance some years ago? It still gives me a boner now.

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