New (Italian) Resident Evil 6 Trailer Poses One Very Tantalising Question…

…namely could this be the Resident Evil game we’ve been clamouring for for years?

We loved the first reveal of the Resident Evil 6 trailer and have to admit that we got totally swept up in a wave of almost sycophantic emotion, but as long-time Resident Evil fans we were suitably impressed with what was being offered, namely Chris, Leon, action elements, survival horror elements etc… But now a new trailer is out, seemingly made up from in-game cinematics, and now more than ever we are convinced that this could be the Resident Evil 4 of this generation.

Hit the jump to view the new trailer (with Italian subtitles).

So here we go, and for fun imagine that Ezio from Assassin’s Creed II is voicing the PEGI warning:

Blown away? Unimpressed? Mopping up some fluids?

I have to admit that it appears to be on a scale that we’ve not seen since Resident Evil 4, taking in multiple plot arcs and a stream of antagonist/protagonist match ups that is interesting even without the Resident Evil license. Given our views on the recent, and really rather terrible, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, we sincerely believe that Resident Evil 6 presents Capcom’s last chance to pull the series back onto the straight and narrow. Even more exciting is that the release date is actually being brought FORWARD. This is almost unheard of these days, and really fits in with the rumour that the game is pretty much done, with polish being added between now and launch.

We didn’t get a glimpse of game play in this trailer, but given that the demo is going out early to Dragon’s Dogma purchasers, we won’t have long to see how it really handles, but for me what made Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City wholly unbearable, even taking into account the shoddy design from the ground up, was the lack of in depth story telling. With Resi 6 it does seem that the convoluted plots are back, with new a virus (C-VIRUS!!), new creatures and Wesker’s off-spring! What’s not to like.

Rest assured we are watching this like zombie fighting hawks, as I imagine many of you are as well, and we cannot wait to get our grubby, blood-stained hands on the demo.


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