The Premiere Of The Lolocaust Live Show Advert Has Happened!

Over the next few days a selection of podcasts and live web radio shows shall be playing our new advert for our new live web radio show, but this morning will be the first time that it is ‘in the wild’ so to speak, as you can hear it as part of the Mature Gamer Podcast, who have been very kind in offering up some time in their highly successful weekly podcast to help spread The Lolocaust across the world.

I can’t begin to thank everyone involved in getting the advert out there, not least our shiny new contributor DalekSex, who found an old Yamaha keyboard, some microphones and a trained vocalist to put together the ad in the first place.

Expect to also hear the advert in the Monday Movie Show live show and the live version of The Games Cast this week (Monday and Tuesday nights respectively).

Spread the word, spread the Lolocaust!


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