The Lolocaust Vs. Insomnia

This week I have been suffering from insomnia to the point of not sleeping for three days straight, and then just catching one night’s broken sleep before resetting the pattern. Usually this results in me going downstairs and watching awful films (as I did last night with Recoil, starring Steve Austin and Danny Trejo) and eating whatever I find in the fridge/cupboard/bin. It happens EVERY year, without fail, and every year it saps my energy, my creativity and my enthusiasm. Not this time. This time I have a plan.

See the biggest issue is that I have an over-active mind, and when you throw in a sleepless night I can often get stressed about things that aren’t really worth stressing over, but with no context or voice of reason they take root and feed the insomnia at the heart. I figured last year that listening to calming music would be the answer – it wasn’t – and the year before I tried TV box-sets, but often found that I then wanted to stay awake to finish a series off.

This year promises to be different as I plan to keep my mind busy with point and click adventure games.

Oh yes!

Instead of Paul McKenna’s “I Can Make You Sleep (And Then Finger You While You Snooze)” I will be losing myself in Melee Island, or helping Indy discover the fate of Atlantis. I shall be helping a certain lagomorph and his hound dog partner solve crimes (Freelance, obviously) while assisting a sorcerer who sounds remarkably like Arnold Rimmer. Swords may be broken, Tentacles shall have their day and I’ll be going Full Throttle towards beating insomnia, and even if I fail, I’ll have (re)played some of the greatest games of all time.

I am hoping to document my adventures in those adventures in some sort of recap post weekly (and thus giving me at least one post a week I can manage through this crippling sleeplessness) and will no doubt drizzle some of it over the live show.

So pack up your inventory satchels, ensure that your verbs are ready and someone wake up Tim Shafer, it’s time to go on an adventure.


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