Lolocaust In Your Lugholes: Episode Two

So it’s Wednesday and at nine o’clock tonight we shall be going live with another live show.

Topics up for discussion tonight:

Board Games – Looking back at a time when games didn’t need ‘electronic credit cards’ or ‘digital gameplay’ to be fun. Shakers, counters and a box full of mis-matched dice are the order of the day.

Ross Noble – Following on from the somewhat related topic of Ricky Gervais portraying an adult with a learning disability, we look at one of our favourite stand-up comedians, Ross Noble, who came under fire for commenting on a disabled person’s laugh during a show.

Finally we will also be getting an audio transmission from DalekSex who has been busy in the old Rumbelows below the Lolocaust flat, putting together a great piece involving Trials and Tribulations.

As usual we shall be monitoring the live chat feed as well as Twitter, and look forward to your thoughts and input.

Do you have a particular favourite board game from your early days? Why not message me on Twitter @Bouncybhall letting me know what game you loved and why, including the hashtag #LIYL. I shall be reading out some of the best on the show, live.

So that’s it, you can listen live here at 9PM or grab the show after the broadcast from iTunes by searching out (and hopefully subscribing to) Lolocaust In Your Lugholes. Also feel free to drop us a rating and an honest, non-sycophantic review on iTunes as well.

We hope that you enjoy the show!


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