The Highs And Lows Of The Lolocaust Live Show

For a few weeks now we have been broadcasting live every Wednesday night on with Lolocaust In Your Lugholes, and as I have stated many times before it was a decision that was not a natural move for the site, or myself personally, but whatever the road was that took us down that path we are now on that route and doing rather well.

With six shows – of varying length and quality – in the bag I thought I’d put finger to key and give you a little feedback on how the experience has been for us, and whether or not it’s actually been a beneficial expenditure of energy.

For the uninitiated, Spreaker gives folks a free service that enables a live web radio show to be put out, giving users a basic mixing desk  on which pre-prepared samples and clips can be dropped in live, while volume controls bring an element of balance and there are options to take in audio from Skype calls to enable guests on shows with very little issue.

The Monday Movie Show guys started the ball rolling with their show on a – you guessed it – Monday night, followed closely by the chaps at The Games Cast with their popular Tuesday night show. The pressure from these peers took us by the hand and led us to test out the potential for a show, which was something we had considered following our one and only full-length podcast that we put out a few years ago, and soon enough we decided to run a series of six episodes, of which we are ‘officially’ on episode three.

At first the nerves were kicking in before putting out the tests, but now that’s passed it has become somewhat more polished and balanced, and much improved thanks to DalekSex sorting out some musical introductions, comedic buffers and stings. These audio additions ensured that the show has formed it’s character rather well, and even better it’s led to DalekSex himself contributing the ‘Voice of Sex’ segment to the show, which is a very popular segment.

But how is it going?

Well, not brilliantly in terms of numbers. But I expected that, as we are not an easy access show. The Lolocaust is, and always has been, a creature of it’s own design. It is shaped and formed by those who contribute to it’s pages and as such it will always find it’s way into a fan’s ears, but it is never going to hit that mainstream appeal because frankly, there would be no benefit to any of us if we appeased the whole. Obviously this has led to some concern as to whether or not it is worth putting the effort into the shows, but the over-riding feeling at the moment is that we have our fans, and they love what we are doing, even when I am having an emotional breakdown live on air.

Yesterday I put out an impromptu live show without much warning – hey, those are the rules of impromptu behaviour – and we had two live listeners. It is clear that while that show will be picked up on iTunes and Spreaker after the broadcast, it was not a successful ‘live’ venture. From that we will definitely be sticking to the weekly timeslot of Wednesday nights at nine for the foreseeable future.

A big negative at the moment for the show is the fact that it is our learning curve, and while most of the technical bugs that have been bashed out thanks to a couple of live tests, it is very apparent to our listeners that our show is still forming what will be a more structured display of Lolocaust tendencies. Some may say that hearing this evolution of the show is of interest, but for us it’s a challenge to consider adding in new material, and dropping material that may not work so well. The longer term plan – at least for Series Two – is to extend the show to 45 mins, and have three regular features, interspersed with chatter and discussion. There is also a plan to get Dalek in for a co-host role at some point, although if his Voice of Sex segments keep their popularity I may make him stay in the kitchen for now.

I suppose it’s no bad thing that we are moulding the show as we go, but at times it is somewhat disparaging to see other shows doing what they do so well, and with a large listener base, while our little show ambles towards it’s goal.

I’m not ashamed of the show, by any measure. In fact I think some of what we’ve put out is as good as any feature we’ve ever done. I simply feel that perhaps should have taken time to trial the show on close friends before launching the show. I am sure some of you out there will disagree, and instead have preferred it as we are running it, but it’s a tricky thing to gauge. There are advantages to both sides, but when you get an email telling you that your ‘live audience’ was just two people it can have a very sudden effect on the confidence in the show.

So as we head into the last three shows of the series we are going to be trying out some new ideas, some new audio and some new guests until – hopefully – series two comes as a more rounded package. There are plans to get some sort of weekly competition into place, as well as an open mic spot in each show for you, dear reader, to get involved in any way you see fit.

So how do *you* think that the show is going? This is the perfect time to speak up and give us some direct feedback.

Do you have a favourite element? Is there something that you’d rather not hear so much of? Do you want to get involved?

Whatever your views please leave us a comment and help us shape the show into what it should be, namely a Lolocaust show for Lolocaust people.


4 thoughts on “The Highs And Lows Of The Lolocaust Live Show

  1. I’m going to be 100% honest here what you do on your show cannot be heard anywhere else and thats why i love it, yes i know your only going to please a small bunch of people but that was feeling i got from both of your show and site.

    Me and andy have only just started to get OK with our show and we have been doing it for nearly 10 months now.

    So i say stick with what your doing and fuck all those idiots who are not even brave enough or smart enough to do what we do

    1. Cheers Stu, the biggest issue in putting out a lone wolf show is that when the mood dips, there’s nothing there to balance it out, and the feedback from the community is the only yard stick I have to gauge reactions.

      Hopefully by Series 2 we should have it all pinned into place.

  2. I’ve listened to a couple of the shows. I’m going to give some frank feedback but only because we’re internet friends.

    1) There are a lot of British, gaming podcasts out there at the moment. They seem to be enjoying a second wind of popularity now that more people know what a podcast is and can download them to every household advice. To stand out you need to be doing something unique or have an opinion that people might value. I think LIYL is more the latter than former so stick to that.

    2) A pet peeve I have is when broadcasters point out “how professional” they are being because they’ve forgotten the next bit or have written the script on a piece of toilet roll. This might make you feel less nervous and pre empt troll comments but it doesn’t add any value to the show so cut this stuff out. You’ve managed to get together the equipment and have a frequent posting. That’s further than most people get.

    3) I like to know what my podcast is about. Quite a few good ones I used to listen to, tire of being about just games or movies and decide to mix it up. That’s when I stop listening. Why listen to a hybrid cast when you’ve already got a number of movie, game and music casts. Stick to your niche and don’t be under the impression that people want to hear your opinion on everything. On the other hand.

    4) I’m not too sure how I feel about advertising other shows in the show. Sure it spreads the word but then it felt like a size able chunk of Episode 1/2 (?) was shout outs.

    5) Exercise a little bit of quality control. The what animals have sex for pleasure thing was on the wrong side of puerile and a bit ignorant.

    6) Get a guest in. You sound so lonely (there was an echo on one of the shows) and often it’s banter between people that make a show.

    1. Ta very much for the feedback.

      Agree totally on all points – although point five made me chortle as I think the best way to describe Nerfie and Star is puerile and a bit ignorant, so it really captured the true elements of their contributory nature – and reckon that the biggest obstacles, taking all the feedback into account, is to have a little more confidence in what I’m doing, and keep doing it – albeit with a co-host/guest/whatever.

      My original plan was always to use ‘Series 1’ as a testing of the water, and in many ways I expected it to be a spectacular failure on all counts, and instead I’ve been humbled by the support and enjoyment that’s coming from the readership/listeners.

      In response to the issue of adverts, I feel that early on it was only fair and right to give support to those whom had supported our audible adventures, and as we knew them in the real world it was good to pay back promos from their shows, but I do agree that there is no place for continued, long periods of pimping, and as such will likely not be running any adverts in Series 2, getting my thirst quenching done during contributed audio and bumpers.

      The early plan is to get a different guest on each of Series 2’s episodes, and continue with what we are doing, just with more focus and confidence, which is obviously aided by the feedback we get.

      I think it would be fatal to ever make assumptions about how our show is going, but it also seems that I am not giving it enough credit in some aspects.

      So, yes, thanks! It really does help, and I’m glad you have been listening in.

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