Lolocaust In Your Lugholes – Episode 4: Time Travel & Complacency

We at The Lolocaust have three major passions, one of which is great cinema, and it doesn’t come much greater than the Back to the Future franchise, which despite being almost thirty years old, still hasn’t aged one bit. After watching the trilogy on Blu-Ray and playing through Telltale Games’ Back to the Future: The Game I decided to hang a picture frame up in my bathroom, but slipped and banged my head on the toilet, leaving me with a concussion and an idea for tonight’s show*, which was rather lucky.

Tonight we shall be talking a little bit about the aforementioned episodic game as well as discussing the issue with ‘the future’. We will be asking you to tell us what modern day technology would you take back in time to visit your earlier self, purely to blow your own mind (answers already sent in include the iPod, Kinect and Avatar in 3D) as well as questioning the complacency of the present in the face of huge technological advances.

Throw in DalekSex’s ‘Voice of Sex III’ that takes an informed look at various bits for Android devices, a couple of audio clips and the essential Bagpuss music and we have a show on our hands.

There is also a competition, where you, YES *YOU*, can win your own time machine.

Well, I say ‘time machine’ but it’s actually just a Hot Wheels DeLorean Time Machine, much like this one:

To win you just have to listen to the show and follow the stupidly simple instructions.

So, with all that planned I am off to procure a hover board and get myself some Pepsi Free.

Remember to click here to listen live at 9PM tonight, or to subscribe (and hopefully review us) on iTunes here.

*And the distinct possibility of a copyright infringement claim


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